Does rap have a fake sneakerhead problem?

Analyzing the last episode of Full Size Run and the discussion from there, we wonder if the rap game is just full of fake sneakerheads at this point in time.

As we mentioned in our last report covering the latest episode of Full Size Run (Complex’s premiere sneaker talk series), the guest, rap star Reese LaFlare had called out rappers who are “cap” when it comes to their supposed love of sneakers; they pretend to be hardcore sneakerheads to bring actual hardcore sneakerheads to their music and fanbase and get them to buy all of their new music just to support a fellow sneakerhead.

Obviously, there are rappers in this industry who are easier to spot as the real sneakerheads vs. the fake ones. Kanye West is a prime example. Love him or hate him, as much as he obsesses over fashion in general and the fact that he went out of his way to build his entirely own sneaker brand, it is clear to say that he is one of the few real ones in the game out doing his shoe thing now. However, LaFlare’s testament forces us to reaffirm and re-evaluate other supposed sneakerhead rappers in the music industry.

Is Lupe Fiasco, the rapper behind “Kick, Push” really have a love for kicks? Did Eminem really love sneakers as much as his cover of Sole Magazine suggested? Was Swae Lee ever really a sneakerhead to begin with, yet alone a reformed one? A lot of rappers are looking a little too funny in the light right now and now that Reese LaFlare put us on game when it comes to rappers using sneakerhead culture as a promotional tactic, we need answers.

Which rappers do you think are really sneakerhead? Who are the fake ones?