Adidas and Reebok collab for the first time ever to make Instapump Fury

In a surprise to many, we will be seeing sneakers in the very near future from both Reebok and Adidas. No, not separate shoes. An actual collab between the brands.

It is rare that you see shoe brands collab with each other, especially in this day and age. If you are in the sneaker business, you and every other brand is basically in competition with one another. That is why you do not typically see brands like Adidas and Reebok act buddy buddy with each other or so much as team up to make shoes together. However, sooner rather than later, that is exactly what we will be seeing.

Well, then again, it is not quite the meeting of the minds as we all may think it is on the surface. This is not the likes of Batman meeting Superman or Bugs Bunny meeting Roger Rabbit. The reason being because Adidas actually owns Reebok, a little known fact. That is right, they have owned Reebok ever since 2005, but in that time, they have let Reebok just be Reebok for the longest time and stay in their own lane. But now, they have finally decided to make use of their resources and get Reebok’s help to create their latest sneaker: the Instapump Fury Boost.

Well, the full name of this shoe is the Instapump Fury “Prototype” colorway, but let’s face it, that is kind of a trash name for a sneaker, even if the sneaker itself looks pretty dapper. We’d buy a pair (even if the giant tag with the two brand names across the shoe heel is a bit much), and we can’t wait to buy a pair when it releases as part of an OG Pack on Oct. 25 in Asia and then globally across the world on Nov. 22.

It will also be an exclusive grab at AtmosCon Japan on Oct. 5.