Kanye West gifts DJ Khaled with some unreleased Yeezys

Say what you want about Kanye West, but when it comes to those in his circle most loyal to him, West is a good friend to them. Especially to DJ Khaled.

It seems almost ironic – if not perfectly apropos – for the man who got meme’d for saying “You loyal. You smart. I appreciate you” to be one of the most loyal friendly figures in Kanye West’s life. Regardless of the circumstances, it is interesting to think two of the most powerful figures in all of music today to sustain such strong friendly and working relationships with each other to this very day.

DJ Khaled, while may not be happy about having the second biggest album in the world below Tyler the Creator’s number one album, but the fact that he can still have so much longevity to make it to number two in 2019 is something that Khaled should be celebrated. Then, of course, Kanye West is Kanye West. Love him or hate him, he is always going to be Kanye West. He drops one album, and the whole world stops, which very well may happen next week when he drops his Jesus is King album.

For over the course of a decade or so, Kanye and Khaled have produced a number of hit songs together, most notably songs like “Go Hard,” “I Wish You Would,” and “Cold.” Given how much success they have found together, the two have found a genuine friendship together. So much so that for no reason at all, Kanye gifted Khaled with an unreleased pair of Yeezy sneakers earlier this week.

It was not Khaled’s birthday nor was a party afoot. Ye just wanted to do something nice as a friend. We wish we were Ye’s friend (kinda), if only because we want some dope shoes, too.