PJ Tucker, Joe La Puma, and Jon Wexler talk influential sneakerheads

Three of the most influential sneakerheads – PJ Tucker, Joe La Puma and Jon Wexler – talk the most influential sneakerheads in sneaker history.

Gotta love sneakers, right? Well, not as much as these three gentlemen: Joe La Puma, PJ Tucker and Jon Wexler as three of the most popular, influential and, of course, beloved names in not just all of sneaker culture as we know it today, but perhaps flat out in the entire history of sneaker culture itself.

Joe La Puma, of course, is basically the entire face of Complex thanks to putting the network on his back in producing their much beloved sneakerhead shows like Complex Closets and Sneaker Shopping, just to name a couple (he has produced a ton for that network, they oughta give him a medal, or a Vibe Award, or something). PJ Tucker is a basketball player who is currently playing for the Houston Rockets, but of course, as an athlete, he knows a little bit about sneaker deals and repping a bunch of shoes straight out of his closet.

Last but most certainly not least is Jon Wexler. Wexler, by name, may be the least known out of this trio, but you most certainly know his influence as he is currently the Global Director of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing at Adidas.

As three of the biggest and most influential names in current sneaker culture, it seems apropos that they had a conversation in a YouTube video about the most influential sneakerheads in the history of sneakers. Check out the video right below.

In the middle of their conversation, some surprising names like Kid Cudi get brought up. Check out the whole thing and tell us what you think. Complex’s Complex Currents conversation video dropped  just a couple days ago on YouTube.