Future breaks Complex sneaker shopping record … or did he?

Grammy nominee Future went on a shopping spree with Complex where he supposedly set a record. However, there is some debate regarding its legitimacy.

So far, 2019 has been an interesting year to say the least for rapper Future. Three weeks ago, Future released his seventh studio album, The WIZRD, which continues to receive positive reviews from critics for the most part. He also has two Grammy nominations that he could win tomorrow for his contributions on the ensemble song, “King’s Dead.” Beyond just that, he seems to have broken a new all time sneaker shopping record with Complex.

To help promote his album, Future went sneaker shopping in a video for Complex. During the shopping spree, Future managed to kick out more than $38,000. More specifically, he paid $38,971.86 in total. In terms of Complex’s sneaker shopping series, it looks like Future broke a whole new record in terms of spending price on shoes with Complex. Or did he?

Minutes after the Future video was released by Complex, some folks on Complex’s staff had a serious debate in their office as to whether or not Future actually broke the record. Here is where the confusion lies:

The previous record was set by international soccer player Neymar in a previous record where he kicked out $18,623.44 on shoes. While shoes is all Neymar bought, only about $13,000 of Future’s $38,000 went to buying shoes. On the flip side, the store where Neymar bought his shoes at was at a consignment store where prices are inflated.

This could be something that causes heavy debate for sneakerheads and fans of the Complex series. What do you think? Who deserves the sneaker shopping record more? Future or Neymar? Let us know in the comments below.