Brooklyn Nets ‘city edition’ uniforms page homage to Biggie

The Brooklyn Nets decided to pay homage to rap legend Biggie Smalls with their “city edition” uniforms unveiled on Thursday.

NBA teams began releasing their “city edition” uniforms for the 2018-19 season, and the best of the bunch has to go to the Brooklyn Nets.

Their city edition uniforms will pay homage to late rap prodigy Biggie Smalls, who put Brooklyn on the hip-hop map and was taken away from us way too soon. Nets players loved the new uniforms, with guard Spencer Dinwiddie telling Complex Sports that he wishes the Nets could wear the new city edition uniforms “more than 16 times.”

Being from California, one would automatically think that Dinwiddie would be in Tupac’s corner, but, in his interview with Complex, he called Biggie the best rapper of all-time.

“I’m a California guy, but in my opinion, I think Biggie is the best rapper,” he said.

That status has long been debated, but one cannot say that Biggie doesn’t deserve that crown. Though his career was tragically cut short, Biggie’s lyrics and foresight kept him a step ahead of his peers, and his music speaks just a loud today as it did in his prime.

The Brooklyn Nets aren’t the only team paying homage to a local legend with their city edition uniforms.

The Minnesota Timberwolves dedicated their city uniforms to Prince, using the same style and color scheme from his iconic 1984 album Purple Rain. The Wolves jersey could easily rival the Biggie-inspired Nets jerseys, but the winner of this city jersey battle goes to the Brooklyn Nets.